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Salam 'alaikum.

Vegas pro is one of video editing software. My senior, Kak Farmiez once said that it's a must for those who will be incharge for ICT in SAF. And I was like, okay, I've never made a single video before. I just love photo editing using Mr Photoshop.

As long as I can remember, when answering the psychology questions about skills (in order for alumni to organize the SAF's committees), I'd never answer a 'Yes' for "do you ever use video editing software?' or 'do you ever make a video project?'

I would love being one of ICT's committees! Though, at that time, I don't even own myself a laptop. Hahaaa! Seriously?

So, as I love editing so much, I'm willing to risk it without even have any skill about Ms Vegas Pro. Not 'lacking' but I really know nothing. In fact, I was so determined as I asked abi to buy a new lappy for me.

At first, you know, it was so hard to start exploring Ms Vegas as I didn't even have time to dig up for tutorial videos in Youtube. Matriculation life was so hectic! Me, was just slowly trying to adjust myself with it.

Masya Allah! A true disaster! I couldn't even start carrying on with the job descriptions. Thanks God, there was Ainun Amirah. She's my life savior. Her talent in video editing was so 'waaaaawww'! I could tell that she was born with it. Haha!

Gue ikhlas!

The 'pressure' to start using Ms Vegas was when I had to create a short film project for Kemahiran Dinamika. That was my very first project that I can tell, it was a success! Haha! At least for someone who don't know about Ms Vegas at all like me.


So, I'm looking forward to grow my interest in editing later in uni. May this interest gives benefits for Ad-deen. Even a little. Insya Allah.

Pray for me guys!

P/s : Ohyaa, it took me so much courage to write my first post in English haha so don't even mind my grammahh leds and gents!

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  1. My current course requires us to be really gooooooood at editing video :'))) I was struggling using Vegas Pro at first, but now its get better. Everything would get better once you familiarize yourself with! :DD


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