Modern Muslimah Style For Every Hijabista

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Salam 'alaikum everyone!

Remember that muslimah women find a hard time to get decent modest looking apparels in the market? However all that has changed these past years as the fashion industry is focusing to the Islamic community as well. Designers and brands have created a modest collection of apparels for muslimah ladies to enjoy. You will no longer have a hard time to look decent and appear fashionable yet still covering your aurah. Check out the modern muslimah style that every hijabistas should follow. 

  • Maxi Dress 
Maxi dress is a piece that’s essential to every modest girl’s closet! They have always been a muslim girl staple since it covers the whole body and still is loose fit. There’s so many more ways you can wear it as you can freely maximize your maxi dress. As for me, I highly prefer the loose, long-sleeves maxi dress as my perfect modest outfit since it needs no altering or layering.  Besides that, maxi dresses give that sophisticated elegant charm which makes it perfect to be worn various occasions in style. Be it to the office, parties, formal events or a day out with friends, maxi dresses will never go out of style.

  • Outer wears
How can a muslimah wears a sleeveless top or short sleeve for outdoor events?! Seriously, it can be tricky to make them modest, but it isn’t impossible! You can wear it and still be able to look modest by covering it up with a nice long outerwear, for instance, cardigan, blazer, jacket and the list goes on. You can be creative and pull together your fashion piece together for a complete outfit. Accessorize your outfits with a nice pair of shoes, bags or even jewellery. This style will make you look simple, yet so chic! So, outer wears should be a girl’s best friends as it helps you cover up easily!

  • The Slit - Bottom
Sometimes, you’ll come across a very beautiful dress, but there’s a slit on the side! It would be a major problem for every muslimah girls. But there’s no any valid reason why you should give up that gorgeous dress. Nowadays, women have been creative in making their outfits look more stylish. The slit dress can be paired up with a loose pant to sort of get that Punjabi modern look. Besides, you can also add a maxi skirt in a similar shade, under the dress. So when you walk, your skirt will be revealed underneath. To sum up, the slit dress is a piece of clothing that looks fabulous with both pants and skirts. This look is comfortable to walk around in. It is the perfect casual outfit for hijabistas to pull off anywhere they go.

And speaking about fashion and muslimah, every muslim girl needs to know that a woman’s dignity is priceless. You can dress up modestly or dress for any occasions as long as they cover everything that you need to be modest. Remember, what’s most important is that your outfit suits the religion.

Blog Author : Fafa Kyraa

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  1. modern fashion sepatutnya bijak menarik org bukan islam terhadap fesyen islamik

  2. sopan but still fashionable, nice!!


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